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Ross Foundation works with IMPD to create new Family Contact Protocol

From our Founder, Derris Ross:

I am extremely proud of the mothers in A Mother’s Cry, and a few of them are in this interview. A Mother’s Cry is a mother support group program under The Ross Foundation for mother’s that has lost a child to violence and has been in existence for 3 years. Why I am I so proud because over the last 3 years we’ve been working and advocating hard with the police department to create a policy to hold our local detectives accountable and also educate our community on the process of investigation. I’m happy to say it’s finally being put in affect starting May of this year. Detectives must now contact the family quarterly which is 4 times a year, they must answer all calls or get back with the family accordingly, they can not just ignore your calls for a year anymore. They must treat each and every case equally. All detectives no matter how long they’ve been a detective must also do in-service training annually throughout the year to keeping their community engagement and communication skills intact. If any of these detectives fail to do any of the following they will be disciplined or possibly demoted from that particular position. Without these mothers and the other mothers in A Mother’s Cry stepping up, sharing their personal experiences and interactions with the police department we wouldn’t have made this possible. But we cannot stop here we must continue as a collective community to let our voices and concerns be heard or we will never see any real change. It’s up to us to make this world a better place for the future generations to come and getting the right justice we deserve! #AMothersCry #BeTheDifference❤️🙌🏾


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