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The mission of the #OURYOUTHMATTERS Youth Council is to empower our youth and prepare the next generation of leaders and activists of Indianapolis; bringing their innovative ideas to life by pushing them to their full potential to help impact local government.


The Youth Council is formed to be the voice of their peers and engage in community decision- making.

Student Council Qualifications​​:

  • Age

  • Must live in the city limits of Indianapolis, IN

  • Maintain high attendance at school

  • Recommendation letter from (1) teacher, principle, or coach, etc

  • Demonstrate or speak on what you bring to the community. (ex: gardener, author, designer, etc

  • Must have show commitment to academic excellence

Youth Council Responsibilities:

  • Attend all Student Council meetings unless otherwise excused.

  • Volunteer for at least three activities during the school year

  • Contribute ideas and creative talents

  • Maintain high school attendance

  • Strive for maintaining at least a  "B" average in school

Meetings are held twice a month every other Saturday  from 3pm-4:30pm.

OYM Youth Center

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