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The B.A.S.I.C. Program is a neighborhood based strategy aimed to reduce crime in the 42nd and Post Road area by increasing social/community cohesion and collective efficacy and mobilize residents to get involved in reducing crime in their neighborhoods. The program encourages the community to be more cohesive to collectively take action towards a common goal, actively participate in the safeguarding of their neighborhoods and anchor point and have a voice and influence on how to continue positive change for the future.

Program Objectives


1. Increase the community’s role in crime prevention 

2. Educate the public about crime and crime prevention 

3. Reduce the number of number of crime related incidents in our focus area

4. Increase the social/community cohesion of residents in our focus area

How can I get involved?


Community Advocates are volunteers who will serve as a voice and ear for the needs of residents in their neighborhoods and provide feedback on any issues, conflicts, or resources needed. Community advocates will meet with community leaders and IMPD to discuss strategies on improving conditions in their neighborhoods.

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