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A Mother's Cry

A Mother’s Cry is a support program to assist mothers that have lost a child to violence by providing a safe place to share each other's' experiences, offer each other encouragement, understanding and support and make change through community outreach opportunities.


When do we meet? 

The support group meeting occurs every 3rd Saturday of the month at 2pm (unless noted otherwise). Other events may be scheduled outside of the support group meeting.


Who can participate?

Mothers that have experienced the death of a child to violence.

What to expect?​

  • Confidentiality: Whatever is shared within the group remains confidential.

  • Respect: It is important to respect your own grief as well as others.

  • Advice: Be kind and courteous regarding another person’s story. Please do not provide advice, as every person’s grieving process is unique.

  • Freedom of Speech: No one will be put on the spot or forced to talk, but everyone who feels comfortable sharing will be given that chance.

  • Time: Allow each person equal time to express herself so a few people do not monopolize the group’s time.

  • Feelings: Feelings are neither right nor wrong; they just are.

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